We are happy to inform about a recently accomplished ERA-IB project entitled ‘The exploitation of Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous as a sustainable platform for the production of high-value carotenoids (PROCAR)’. This project created a generic platform capable of delivering renewable sources of high-value isoprenoids based on this basidiomycetous yeast. It was performed as a collaboration of Royal Holloway University (London), Goethe Universitat (Frankfurt), Artechno sa (Gembloux), Proplanta SRL (Cluj-Napoca), Novo Nordisk Foundation, Center for Biosustainability (Horsholm), and Wacker Chemie AG (Burghausen). Thus, the activities of the PROCAR project were in the same context of the Yeast4Bio Cost Action in respect of its aims and partners. The project achieved the following goals: (1) The creation of a genome-scale metabolic network reconstruction (GSMR) of Xanthophyllomyces for improved carotenoid production; (2) Generating isoprenoid mutants by iterative mutagenesis; (3) The development of new Xanthophyllomyces strains producing high levels of zeaxanthin and phytoene by genetic engineering; (4) Metabolic profiling of Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous; (5) Development of sustainable production processes and greener bioprocessing systems.