The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research has recently funded a new joint project between AAK and the Division of Industrial Biotechnology at Chalmers University of Technology to promote collaboration between industry and academic science. The project will have the overall aim to produce specific fatty acids using microbial cell factories. Fatty acids often have several health benefits and need to be supplied to the body through the diet. The most promising route for industrial production of specific fatty acids is through microbial fermentation. In this project, you will first identify the most suitable yeast strain for the purpose, and then optimize the strain’s ability to produce targeted fatty acids using metabolic engineering tools as well as classical strain development approaches. The project is expected to generate both new technology and new knowledge that can form the basis for a long-term transition to a more sustainable food production.

In the frame of this project, there is a PhD position available (application deadline 5th January, 2022). Full details and application form can be found in AAK website ( and LinkedIn (