Benefits to industry

The focus of our Yeast4Bio COST action is highly significant to the industry in many aspects, as non-conventional yeasts have great potential to generate industrially relevant compounds from sustainable resources and biowaste as well as to improve existing yeasts based procedures, making these more cost effective and in an environmentally friendly manner. Yeast4Bio action brings together a proactive group of researchers, stakeholders and experts from universities, research institutes, industry and other organisations. The combination of skills and experiences allows us to unravel by collaboration how non-conventional yeasts can be successfully implemented in biotechnological processes at industrial scale. The Yeast4Bio action provides many benefits to our industrial partners:

  • Interact with experts from relevant academic research areas in an easy and efficient way
  • Exchange knowledge and experience, both academic and industrial, on yeast-mediated bioprocesses and utilisation of renewable resources
  • Find collaborative research partners to solve specific industrial problems and develop new production processes of valuable molecules
  • Find highly motivated candidates with great expertise to work with within a short-term scientific mission
  • Delegate your employee to take part in a short-term scientific mission to improve knowledge and broaden perspectives
  • Participate in Training Schools held by eminent experts of different relevant fields
  • Participate in round table discussions and follow innovative state-of-the-art research results
  • Find excellent partner institutes and create consortiums to successfully apply for research and development funds
  • Be part of our innovative, motivated, collaborative community and never be alone with your scientific problems or new ideas
  • Identify new and interesting research finding that might be applicable to your industry
  • Participate in the development of a greener, research based, sustainable bio-industry