Working Groups

Yeast4Bio Action is organized in six Working Groups (WGs) that build upon each other to develop a global framework. Five science-driven WGs correspond to the challenges of the Action and one WG is dedicated to dissemination.

Production of sugars as platform molecules

This WG focuses on the production of fermentation media containing sugars from renewable low-cost resources.


Bioproducts generation from the sugar platform by non-conventional yeasts

This WG explores different alternatives to produce a wide range of bioproducts by non-conventional yeasts from the sugar released from low-cost raw materials.


Production of carboxylic acids as platform molecules

This WG studies the production of VFAs from low-cost biodegradable substrates to be used as fermentation medium.


Bioproducts generation from the carboxylate platform by non-conventional yeasts

This WG explores the different alternatives to produce bioproducts from the VFAs produced from low-cost raw materials.


Non-conventional yeasts capabilities and molecular biology (systems/synthetic biology)

This WG studies the genetic basis to prove the potential of non-conventional yeasts for the production of bioproducts.



This WG is devoted to disseminating the scientific activities; to deliver the tools and guidelines to stakeholders and to ensure visibility of the Action at international level.