This WG meeting hosted by Technical University of Budapest on 9th and 10th of March provided a great opportunity for selected working group members to come together and give an overview of their research activities related with different WG. During the WG meeting, expertise of researchers and state-of-the-art activities related to the scientific objectives of the Action were identified. In addition, the Management Committee met separately to manage the progress of the Action activities to date, and to discuss how the goals of the 1GP were achieved. Besides, the planned activities for the 2GP were also debated.

WG meeting programme here.

Thanks to Dr. Csaba Feher (Science Communication Manager) and Soma Bedö for organizing such a successful meeting in Budapest in spite of first signs of Covid-19 pandemic that complicated the organization. Many thanks to all to all the participants for their enthusiasm and fruitful discussions.

Elia Tomás (chair) and José Luis Martínez (vice-chair)