The next Training School “Utilization of short chain fatty acids for lipid production” will be held in the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food
Science, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences (Poland), from July 5th to July 7th 2023.

This training is dedicated to graduate and post graduate level researchers whose research focuses on the utilization of carbon sources alternative to sugars. The course will provide:

    1. Introduction to volatile fatty acid metabolism (biosynthesis and utilization)
    2. Genetic engineering tools dedicated to non conventional yeast focused on improvement of SCFAs utilization
    3. Practical experience in extraction and analysis of intracellular metabolites
    4. Planning experiments and optimizing the process using statistical methods.


09.06.2023 –  Submission of applications
16.06.2023 –  Selection and announcement of participants

How to apply: Applicant should send an email to and attach in a one single document:

    • A letter with a statement of interest of up to one page.
    • Short CV

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